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4 Songs to Make Your Gambling Experience Epic

Every gambler will always be in search of the best atmosphere and not the widest range of games. Unless all the features are offered in a perfect balance, people are not likely to stay in the casino for long. Music is the one facet that is indispensable to harmonizing all the elements of gambling. It is the flow of these tunes and lyrics that keep the game going in all its spirit and fun. Soundtracks add more layers to the gambling experience to enhance the whole effect of gaming.

While some players may find the sounds irritating, others love the idea of gambling with music. Casinos remain a lucrative business mostly due to such effects brought about by the music used. Although casinos play songs and mellow music throughout the day, some players may prefer to feed their souls with a particular form of music, be it in land-based casinos or online casinos. Here is a playlist containing a few songs that will help enhance the gambling experience.

1.      Spin Me Round- Dead or Alive

If you are playing roulette on a table or your favorite theme on the machine, the common aspect would be the spinning motion. There is no better song to get you rolling and grooving with the progress of the game than Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive. The track that was released in 1985 works well for casino gambling even today. Every player with this song in their head should hopefully win like the track did back when it was released.

2.      Poker Face- Lady Gaga

Set a poker face when you are on the table to play with the cards. You need to conceal emotions in order to make the best bet in the game. Listen to this song by Lady Gaga to transform your face into a stoic state. Singing along with her voice will help you escape into the world created by the artist. It will also raise your concentration to an appreciable level to stay focused on the game. If you are playing online poker, this must be your go-to track.

3.      Ace of Spades- Motorhead

The guitar riffs and the hard-hitting lyrics with a touch of gambling elements make this the song for all gamblers. Ace of Spades was released in 1980 and is popular in casinos even today. This track will set you rocking on your chair, getting you all excited for the impending rounds.

4.      Shape of My Heart- Sting

If Shape of My Heart cannot make gambling appealing to you, nothing else probably can. The track is more like a ballad than a song, and it is used in the film Leon: The Professional. Gamblers are trying to figure out things while listening to the song and not just focusing on the prize. This is being used in many casinos as lounge music since it carries a deep meaning and is a wonderful melody.