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SkyCity Casino Online – how to bring the experience home

SkyCity Online Casino

If you are anything like us here at Digital Diggers you must be missing heading out for a fun-filled night at SkyCity Tower, eating great food, socialising, catching a show and of course, having a little flutter at the casino. We spent the majority of 2020 missing out on this and are looking forward to life returning to normal in 2021 but in the meantime, we have come up with the best virtual alternative to going out to SkyCity in person and how we can recreate the experience at home by going to SkyCity Casino Online.

SkyCity Casino

The first experience we are looking at replicating is that of playing at the SkyCity casino. This is one of the easier experiences to simulate from your home with the introduction of SkyCity online casino. SkyCity launched its online casino in 2019 with online gamblers flocking through the doors to play at a recognized brand. There were some initial teething problems with some people unable to signup and with limited support.

The online casino took a step forward in 2020 with people being forced to stay at home and not being able to play at the Auckland based casino. SkyCity Online Casino in turn upped their marketing efforts, increasing their new customer welcome bonus with some websites ( offering their readers an enhanced no deposit bonus. This no deposit bonus is fantastic for customers that are unfamiliar with online casinos as it allows them to sample one of the online pokies available at SkyCity’s online casino without the need to deposit any money.

The SkyCity online casino website is bright and clean with accents of black and gold on white. This manages to recreate the high end feel that customers have become familiar with from the land-based casino. The site also offers an incredibly large array of casino games that can now be accessed on any smartphone, laptop or computer. This is as close to going to the actual casino as New Zealanders are going to get from the comfort of their own homes.

SkyCity Dinning

The array of restaurants at SkyCity is virtually endless with many of them only allowing for dine-in customers. There are fortunately a number of them that offer patrons the ability to order delivery and take away. The variety of restaurants that offer takeaway range from American style burger joints to more sophisticated sushi.

If you are looking for an Asian style meal from SkyCity that you can enjoy at home, we would recommend Fuga as they offer a wide variety of Japanese inspired food with a takeaway option. The restaurant itself does not offer a delivery service but you can use UberEats to collect your food and bring it to your home.

For those that enjoy their meat, we cannot recommend Daebak BBQ highly enough. It is a Korean BBQ style establishment with high-quality meat and exquisite flavours. They do not have a website but you can call in your orders. The phone number is 093779131.

The final recommendation we have for your virtual SkyCity dining is Andy’s Burgers & Bar their American style food is perfect to pair with a frosty beer whilst you are playing at SkyCity online casino on your mobile. This has been one of our favourite pastimes for the past year.

SkyCity Socialising

This is one of the more difficult experiences to recreate online or at home when you are trying to stay safe. We recommend Zoom as a great way to meet up with friends that you already have. The friendly interface and simple usability enable people of all ages to participate and join in on the conversation.

Those of us that enjoy walking the casino floor and chatting to croupiers can get a live casino experience from SkyCity Online Casino with their live dealer product. This allows you to place bets and interact with real-life dealers that are streamed live. It is a fantastic experience for people that have not tried it yet.

Twitch is also another great option for “people watchers” as it allows you to follow other people’s gameplay and interact via the channel’s chat dialogue. There are some fantastic casino streamers out there that engage with their subscribers.

Virtual SkyCity Conclusion

The world has changed in the last 12 months and it has been a trying time. There have been positives though with online services and experiences becoming a part of our daily lives. The saying that we have never had to be so far apart and at the same time so close together has never rung truer than it does today. Here is to 2021, a year of hope and one that we will likely never forget.